Emmanuel Appiahkubi

Emmanuel Appiahkubi is a Ghanaian born college student at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He moved to the United States in Worcester Massachusetts with his family where he was raised when he was 5 years old. He speaks English and a dialect of Ghana’s native language Twi. Emmanuel’s biggest inspiration are his parents, who push him to work hard every day. To quote him “I have to work hard now, so that they [Emmanuel’s parents] can retire early.” Apart from his diligence and dedication to higher education, Emmanuel plays  volleyball, is an experienced canoer and enjoys riding the “Onewheel”

Emmanuel is the current UMass Boston My Brothers’ Keeper secretary and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. A project he is proud of was his involvement in the High School Health Careers Program Health Disparities Project where he presented the “Prevalence of Hypertension in African Americans Compared to the General Population in Massachusetts.” The purpose of his presentation was to “spread awareness and inform African Americans and others of the risks and solutions pertaining to hypertension.” As of late Emmanuel is essential to the UMass Memorial Medical Center team and is CPR & First Aid Certified, Automatic External Defibrillator Certified (AED), Dementia Care Certified, Therapeutic Mentorship Certified and a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Emmanuel
continues to inspire us and we are proud to have him involved in My Brothers Keeper at University of Massachusetts Boston!

Carl 2

Carl Cadet

Carl Cadet, a proud Haitian-American scholar and MBK nominee for Spring 2021, has been described as an intelligent, motivated individual with an immense desire to improve others’ lives.  Carl is currently a junior Sports Leadership and Administration (SLA) major. His career goal is to become a professional Coach.  Teamwork, dedication, sacrifice, hard work, and discipline. All help form the morals and principles that Carl stands on today as an adult. Carl said, “After many years of playing and now volunteering as a youth and high school coach, it has led me to my career path today as Founder & Head coach of a youth sports organization. As an alumnus of Massasoit Community College & Dean College, Carl’s next step is furthering his education at UMass Boston as a Sports Leadership & Administration central to continue to positively impact the communities I serve.  


Carl Cadet is 31 years old. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, and raised in the town of Randolph. He is married with three children, Ahnylah (10), Carl, jr. (8), and Bella (1).  Another fact about Carl is he is an advocate for immigration reform.


As a first-generation American Immigrant, reform impacts not only” my immediate family but also the community around me.” Having family members migrating from Haiti, Carl has a first-hand perspective on what immigrants’ status looks like here in the US. The struggles they consistently face daily obtain citizenship in attempts to build a stable foundation with access to health care and employment opportunities. The threat of deportation is a challenge Carl’s family members face daily.


Carl Cadet is exactly the kind of young man we are looking for as an MBK cohort.  We celebrate Carl Cadet today and every day during Black History Month as we “explore the wide-ranging diversity of black family life. “The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity.”